About Ronan

Ronan is a Irish Digital Designer currently living in the Bay Area in San Francisco working at Cibo as a Digital Designer / Art Director.

Before the USA, Ronan lived and worked in Melbourne, Australia, where he did a long stint at juggernaut ad agency, Big Red. Here he worked on brands such as Coles, Liquorland, Renault, Bupa and Lumo Energy.

Before arriving in Australia Ronan worked at Brando — an award winning agency in Dublin. At Brando he worked on a wide range of online projects for various domestic and international clients, specialising in large-scale web applications, corporate and campaign based web sites and advertising campaigns such as blogs, email design, custom video and original image manipulation.

Ronan completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Interactive Multimedia Design at the University of Ulster and completed a Shillington College Masterclass in Melbourne.

Today he’s interested in
Everything Digital (that’s a shocker)
Service & Experience Design
Community Experience and Content Design
Brand Awareness

Software / skills / tools / other stuff he likes

User Journeys

Wacom Tablet
Canon 30D
Magma Sketch Books